Saturday, May 25, 2013

I scored!


I found this 48 inch square, hand-embroidered cutwork linen tablecloth at the local thrift store...wait for it...for only $3! A friend who deals in antique linens said it could be 100 years old. There was only one yellow spot I could not get out, but that's not too bad for its age.


My plan is to place it on top of a luscious cream-colored satin and then feather the heck out of it! I've been doodling the feathers to fit around the cutwork, represented by straight black lines.


Then, I decided to try out the doodles by quilting a sample. This, on another old piece of satin, is the doodle that will fit into the center square of the tablecloth. I tried two different kinds of lighting to highlight the effect of the satin fabric.


I like it so much, I added the binding and will place it into our community quilt show next month, as a small wholecloth...all on its own!

I just have to design the feathers for the outer edge of the tablecloth. Not sure yet how I want to do that. There is a very definite edge treatment to the tablecloth, so my original idea of having feathers run off the edge onto the satin won't work. Stay tuned!

I know I've said it before, but I really LOVE quilting on satin. Must go to Joanns to pick up more!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Another New York Beauty


Here is the second New York Beauty I got to do. This is the pic before loading it on the frame.


This customer used to say “I am Not a quilter.” However, she has won numerous awards for her wearables and she teaches her wearable techniques at the local community college. I think we have to call her a quilter now, don't you?!!

I designed this little Flame Sprite to go into the spikey border, and used it in the inner block circles, too. Then, a little filigree curl for the background areas.



Thanks for being patient about my being away. I have updated my computer to a new system and I'm back in blogger world!!!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Another Beauty

I will post again when my server allows me to post pictures. Grrrrr! It has not worked for several days now. What is a blog about quilts without pictures?!!!