Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Last Row...

...and only a border to go!

While the two sleigh blocks are my favorites because of their detail, this Hawaiian-style cut of the Holy Family is so special. Isn't it beautiful in its simplicity?

And, who wouldn't love poinsettias in a Bean Pot?!!!

And, Christmas Cactus. (I killed three of them last year! There must be a secret to growing them...)

I especially like the way the red Bells just pop, due to the dense stipple in the background. (I shot this at an angle to show its 3-D effect.)

I've thoroughly enjoyed this piece and kind of don't want it to end. Kidding! I'm ready to be done and on to something else. Double Wedding Ring, anyone?

A Merry (albeit early) Christmas blessing to you all!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Blocks 9 – 12

People have complimented me on my photos for this blog. The quality of inexpensive cameras today really helps. But, the best aspect of my photography is lighting. And, I take no credit for that. You see, my studio has a big picture window just to the left of my longarm frame. It's a northern exposure, so no sun comes in that window, but tons of light, which creates the shadows that highlight the quilt line.

The reason I mention this, is that sometimes, great texture shows in the studio, and therefore in the quilt photos, only to have that texture disappear when the quilt is hung in a show or on the wall of your house. This has been a great frustration to me. And, one that I try to keep in mind when I plan quilting. Am I spending too much time creating complex quilt motifs that will never been seen? I'm afraid I have in the past.

Hopefully, that will not be the case of the Christmas in Baltimore quilt...but it is still a possibility. With that in mind, here are Blocks 9 through 12.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Blocks 5 – 8

So, here we are again with Row 2.

Block 5 has lots of space, so I filled it up with paisleys. Sweet.

Block 6 also has space, so we have pebbles with occasional shells.

Block 7 – Oooh, I'm so happy with how this turned out. After outlining the interior petals and leaf spaces, I was at a loss as how to quilt the background because there are still a lot of teeny spaces formed by the leaves along the edge of the design. It just popped into my head to echo those shapes a couple of times. Then what? Keep going! The echos fill the space out to the boundary. So cool.

Block 8 is a little more open than the reindeer was, so I have added little feathers to the continuous curl design.

I've got some non-quilty commitments during the rest of this week, so progress on Row 3 will be slower. See you when I get it finished!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Block Row One

I've had several people ask if I can post the Christmas in Baltimore quilt, as it is being quilted. So, this is Block Row One of four rows. 

The hardest part of this row was quilting into the spaces of the reindeers' antlers. Those little spaces are only ¼ inch wide.

I have decided to try various micro fill designs, especially because some of the spaces are so small. So, I have here stipple, curls, swirls, and a little free-form feather thingy.

As you click on the images to see them larger, please note that the applique is so well done that you never see a speck of the applique thread. This woman is a master at applique.


Until the next row...