Friday, February 28, 2014

Another Sneak Peek

I tried something new today! Can you see it? That tiny overlapping circle design? It's known by many names; Wineglass, Continuous Curve, Orange Peel or Pumpkin Seed. You can create this design quite simply, I discovered.

First, mark out a grid of lines. Mine are ½ inch apart! Really! Since this fabric is so dark, I used the Fons and Porter Mechanical Fabric pencil. It lays down a very fine line that rubs right off when you are done. A see-through ruler with etched lines is a must. But it goes quickly. I drew my grid on point, because I thought that would look more interesting.

Then you sew curved lines around the drawn straight lines. There are many books that can show you how to stitch continuous curve without stops and starts, so I won't go through that here. I referred to Gina Perkes' Mastering the Art of Longarm Quilting before I began. Wonderful book, by the way. (C&T Publishing)

I can't show you any more photos right now. I've spent the better part of this week on this piece. But, it's off the frame now, so a customer piece can go on tomorrow. This piece will have to wait until I can free up some more playtime!

Only put off until tomorrow what
you are willing to die having left undone.”
Pablo Picasso

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Landscape Class – Sunset!

Wow! Now this is a sunset. This customer came to class with a fat quarter bundle of solids – all in shades of red. I'll admit it, we talked her into a few prints to liven it up a little.

This piece is only 24 x 30 inches. So, the quilting is really small. So much texture!

I just love the fabric she chose for the border – talk about kicking it up a notch!

A little steam and it will lie flat as a pancake. Anytime a piece is quilted super dense, there will be a bit of distortion. But, the application of steam should tame it right down.

I know it is a monochromatic piece, but I used six colors of Glide thread on it. Really.

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and
smarter than you think.

                                            Winnie the Pooh

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bass Quilt

Isn't this a fun quilt?!! A friend's husband is a big bass fisherman and she created this quilt to celebrate his passion. This was so much fun to quilt.

I used two layers of wool batting, cut into circles, to give the big applique bubbles their roundness. I sprayed the batting circles with quilt basting spray to hold them in place.

Then I quilted a long stream of pebbles in white thread to look like bubbles rising to the surface. They were a little harder to do than I expected...pebbles can be round or oval...but bubbles have to be really round.

The fish and the worm on the hook will get buttons or beads for eyes and a ribbon will connect to the hook before it's done.

I've said it before, I love happy quilts and these bass fish look very happy! (Maybe not so much the worm!)

The greatest act of courage is to be and own all that you are. Without apology. Without
excuses and without any masks to cover the truth of who you truly are.”