Saturday, March 28, 2015

I Love my Dog Quilt

I've just got to show you this quilt because it is so darn cute! It was made by a friend of mine to donate to the local pet shelter as a raffle quilt.

Look at those doggies, they look like they've been made out of patchwork.

And, of course, I had to place quilted doggie paw prints along the border. Fun, huh?

The leftover blocks found their way to the back, and although I did not try to place them in the same spot as the ones on the front (you'd be crazy even to try!), they are amazingly close. The quilting almost fits. this picture was taken while the quilt was still on the frame, using the mirror on the table.

I'm so pleased that quilters are such giving people that they make quilts to benefit others, including the quadrupeds among us.

Do something today that your future self

will thank you for.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Modern Quilt Texture

Okay, so my customers are dragging me, kicking and screaming, into the Modern Quilt world. What is a Modern Quilt? A little google search tells me ---

Modern quilts embrace functionality, simplicity,
minimalism and asymmetric designs. They usually
include bold colors and expansive negative space.

And, they are quilted in a new way, too. Straight or undulating lines, waves, pebbles (oh, the damn pebble!) are used instead of Victorian feathers or novelty motifs. No teddy bear or rose petal pantos here!

This first quilt utilizes a beautiful gradated red fabric to create a bargello look. I had this one on the design wall for ages before I decided to quilt it sideways with a wavy pattern, each line just touching the line above. I used a light copper thread instead of going with red. It works well on the light and the dark areas.

Just after I finished it, I took out the trash and my eye was drawn to the metal pattern in my screen door. Hey, isn't that what I just quilted?!!!

This second quilt is a wavy rainbow pattern with a whole lot of white space. I wanted to enhance the subtle wavy line from the rainbow.

Here, I channeled Angela Walters, one of the driving forces today in the world of modern quilting. I used her signature filled waves. Then I filled the color band with a ribbon candy design she uses quite often.

Lots and lots of texture in both of these quilts now, and a lot of movement also. I think I'm liking this new wave of modern quilting. But, I love my Victorian feathers, too!