Saturday, August 1, 2015

Block Row One

I've had several people ask if I can post the Christmas in Baltimore quilt, as it is being quilted. So, this is Block Row One of four rows. 

The hardest part of this row was quilting into the spaces of the reindeers' antlers. Those little spaces are only ¼ inch wide.

I have decided to try various micro fill designs, especially because some of the spaces are so small. So, I have here stipple, curls, swirls, and a little free-form feather thingy.

As you click on the images to see them larger, please note that the applique is so well done that you never see a speck of the applique thread. This woman is a master at applique.


Until the next row...


  1. Read about your quilting on Apple Blossom website. You are an amazing quilter!