Friday, February 15, 2013

Just a peek... show you what awesome texture this flame design creates on this Fireman's T-Shirt quilt. I found this flame on Patsy Thompson's website; she offers free downloads of her sketches. This flame quilts up easy and fast.

Design sketches – I've got a bunch of them! Three binders full of them. I save very one I've sketched for the last nine years. Not that they are all purely out of my own head. Nope. Some I may have drawn while standing at a quilt show, staring at an incredible quilting design that I just have to get down on paper. My purse is full of sketches on notepads that I carry home and draw out on full size paper to file away for later. Some I've sketched out while staring at my computer monitor, browsing through photos of other quilters' work.

Is this stealing? I don't think so. If and when I choose to stitch out one of these drawings, it will still be in my “hand.” I didn't print out someone's commercial pattern. It will still be my interpretation of their design.

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