Monday, November 3, 2014

One terrific Christmas quilt

I was thrilled when this one arrived in my studio. Wonderful applique handwork. I knew it had to be quilted just so. No story here, just lots of photos.

First, the full view of the piece. It took a while to plan this, and then, it was redesigned when the first idea did not work!

More photos after it was done.

This is a closeup of the white poinsettia. This was the hardest part, as it was very hard to see how the petals overlapped when the hopping foot was hovering over them!

Finally, a look at all the tools that helped me along.

Behold the turtle...He only

makes progress when he sticks his neck out.


  1. Your quilting just took my breath away! So beautiful and it really highlights the gorgeous applique on the quilt.

  2. Wow, awesome quilting. Is the purple curly thing a ruler?

  3. Thank you, Mona. That's a template that I cut from cardstock.