Saturday, January 17, 2015

Solid Backing Fabrics

I used to be so afraid of them! Every teeny, tiny mistake would not only show, but almost be highlighted (Hey, look at me!). The busier the better was once my mantra concerning backing fabric. But, you have to work with what you are given, when quilting customer pieces.

Here are a couple of views of the front.

My customer sewed two strips of back fabric to the sides of a solid yellow to create her back. (Yes, it is a bright yellow, although for some reason, on one of the shots it looks like a cream color. Lighting is everything.) While she was in my studio, we decided on a silvery thread color, as there is a lot of silver and gray in the fabric collection.

I am so pleased with how this looks on the back! The silver thread is perfect! 

Creating and maintaining perfect stitch tension is crucial with solid fabrics, and I must give a shout out to Fil-Tec, the makers of Glide thread. Once you create the right tension, this thread will maintain it throughout the piece. Great customer service, too!

A note about the designs...So it would not look too scrappy, I made sure I used each quadrant design at least twice. And, of course the line work on the backgrounds helped maintain continuity, too.

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