Saturday, July 25, 2015

Islands in the...Pebbles

So, you have a big area that you wish to fill with pebbles, but, (sigh) they take such a long time to do! A way to lighten the load, as it were, would be to incorporate something larger into the pebbling. So, I call this Islands in the Pebbles!

The outer border has spirals, curls, and feather fronds thrown in randomly. The pebbles fill the spaces in between. The area around the Christmas stockings just uses the curls...slightly larger pebbles with an extra curl inside.

And, can you see that cool design in the dark red border. I hope so. I found that on pinterest. (Which is a place where one can get lost for a long, long, time! LOL)

Happy Pebbling! (Something I never thought I would say when I first tried it. But, now, it's one of my fav fills. So, if you are struggling to quilt nice looking pebbles, just keep trying. They do get better!)


  1. OK, you make it sounds so much less scary than I keep thinking it must be to successfully intersperse other motifs inside a pebble field. This is such a pretty quilt, too!

  2. Thank you, Lynette! Try this, it is not hard at all.