Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dresden Fans

This is the second of three very different quilts – all made from the same pattern. And, all made by the same person. The choice of fabric changes their personality greatly. When I quilted the first one, my customer said she was going to hang it. It is 60 inches square – she has a BIG empty wall! All the walls in my house are already covered with a variety of quilts. No spare space to be had in my house! (And, I have a very understanding husband.)

The first picture is before I loaded it on the frame. Doesn't the path around the middle Dresden just scream to be the center of attention? I thought so, too.

When I quilted the first version, I had plans for a pretty little curl pattern in the blades of the fans. Whoops! You couldn't see anything. I couldn't even see to backtrack on the curls. So, I ripped it out and meandered the busy fabrics. I knew ahead of time, then, that this was the same way to handle this version.

And, here is a picture of how I handled the yellow background.

The last of the three versions is made of Christmas fabrics, so I have permission to let that one slide down the list a bit, as she won't be needing it right away. I'm envisioning a ring of holly leaves, berries and ribbon curls around that center Dresden. Won't that be pretty?!

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