Friday, March 8, 2013

Ever work WAY outside of your box?

We all work within our comfort zone most of the time. We know what we are capable of creating, and staying within those parameters usually guarantees a certain amount of success. But, as they say...

I've always wanted to see how a classic silhouette design would look quilted. Dover books are perfect sources for all kinds of designs for the quilting world. I was spurred on to this project when Dover announced a challenge to submit any kind of craft made using one of their fantasy designs. I dug out my silhouette book and picked a garden fairy holding a rose.

Next, I rummaged around for a scrap of satin material (now, just where did I put it?!) and found a piece of blue satin. I transferred the design to the satin with blue washout marker and got to quilting. The piece is only 20x22 inches and the echoing around the fairy ranges from 1/16 to 1/8th inch apart.

Wow, that was an intense experience! First of all, I love how the light reflects off the satin. I highly recommend trying it.

Here is a pale pink satin set of feather designs I did years ago.

Well, no. I didn't win the challenge, didn't even place. But, that's alright. I stretched myself. And it felt good!

So, head straight outside that box you work in! Try satin! Try a design most people don't think of putting on a quilt! Go for it!!!

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