Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Antique Linen Wholecloth - In Progress

I am sooooo happy with how this is progressing.

As I've told you before, I scored this 48 inch square (well, I found out it is not really square - that's how handmade items are, you know!) hand embroidered cutwork linen tablecloth for just $3. I placed it on a textured piece of cloth (don't know what it is; found it at Joanns and just liked the texture.)

Then I started to lay out designs on paper. I transferred them with my light table. Loaded the background fabric and started quilting. I'm running the feathers off the edge of the tablecloth and out into the border space.

Of course, I stabilized the whole piece by quilting around the hand embroidered designs and they look really better that way. And, I'm now able to take the piece on and off the frame. Yeah, I've got to spend some time on customer projects now and again! LOL!

I've always resisted designs with a lot of backtracking. I do not have a stitch regulator and that means I must backtrack at the same speed as I placed the original line. Ugh! That is hard. But, let's face it. In 9 years of longarming, I've NEVER had a stitch regular, so, I put on Big Girl Panties and went with it!

Now, on to a few customer pieces and this will have to wait awhile. But, it has been soooo much fun!

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