Saturday, June 1, 2013

I used to be afraid of Sampler Quilts


Really! How do you custom quilt something that is essentially different in each block?


This amazing quilt tells you how proficient the maker is at choosing colors. And, of course, setting them against the dark blue just makes everything Pop!

Anyway, how do you quilt a sampler quilt? My plan has been to pick two motifs or designs and then morph them to fit into the spaces. That way, you have provided continuity from block to block. And, you don't have to come up with multiple designs, which could become very distracting.



As you can see I picked a simple feather shape, and a spiral. Then, carried them into all the different spikey shapes of the stars.

To further the continuity, I filled the background with feathered curls.



I can't for the life of me pick my favorite block. They are all so pretty. Just when I think I know my fave, another calls my name.

This quilt was made by my “I'm not a quilter” friend. I posted her NY Beauty before. I really love it!

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