Friday, June 13, 2014

Do You Kaffe?

Of course I mean, do you use fabrics by the designer Kaffe Fassett? Wildly colorful and full of organic patterns, his fabrics look best randomly combined, even though the look is rather busy (ya think?!). A happier quilt would be hard to find.

But, how does the quilter quilt on such a busy canvas? At first I figured to meander it. But, the fabrics are full of circle shapes and so I chose to cover the piece with spirals, the most ancient of designs. Cavemen used spirals on rock walls to express the eternity of life.

I matched the thread color to the orange Grunge fabric of the backing. A less dynamic color of thread would have been lost. I'm actually surprised that the quilting shows up as well as it does in the photos.

Well, I'm off this morning for my guild's annual show in our little town of barely 2,000. Hopefully, pictures to follow!

1 comment:

  1. Love this quilt, Debbie! The colors are incredibly vibrant, it should be named "Color Me Happy" - a classic line spoken by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Beautiful quilting on it!