Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Made in America

I've been away from this blog for waaaaay tooooo long! But, let's see what I've been up to.

This is a Made in America embroidery designed by Claudia Dinnell. My customer spent a whole lot of time creating it. I think she used the term “nightmare.”

I've never been handed a piece like this and I was lost at how to start. It's all embroidery. So, after searching around, I found a couple of pictures of other copies of this design that gave me an idea of how to quilt it. It started with stitching on top of the major design lines with invisible thread. Here's a picture of Lady Liberty, before and after outlining.

Oh, and I have wanted to try quilting with two layers of batting and thought this piece would really benefit because of the open areas that would not get quilted. This is two layers of wool batt.

After the outlining, I switched to a matching color thread and worked on the border and then the background fill. I designed the border to match her fused stars and swirled a little wind around them. The fill is a free motion Baptist Fan. I switched thread color again to work in the sashing with a curl/echo/echo/curl design. Hope she likes it!

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