Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Stuffing Appliques

I'd like to show you how to give a little dimension to appliques using cutouts of wool batting. The first picture shows the paper patterns that I traced from the quilt top. I pinned them to two layers of wool batt and cut them out.

I use quilt basting spray to lightly spray the bears. Reaching just under the quilt top, I pat them in place between the top and the regular batting layer. Then smooth the top back in place.

The next picture shows that I have outlined the Momma Bear, and not yet the Baby Bear.

And, now with the background filled in with a loose meander, the bears have a nice puff. Papa Bear resides at the bottom edge of the quilt.

I used this same technique to stuff birds, fish and flowers. Best to do this with simple shapes without a lot of detail. Cute, huh?

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